Social Security Disability

If a serious medical condition – either physical or mental – is keeping you from working, Social Security Disability benefits may be an option for you. If you are reading this, you are likely either considering applying for Social Security Disability, or you’ve already applied and been denied disability benefits. Experienced attorneys at KLG are here to help you understand the process and make sure you are able to receive the benefits you need.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI benefits?

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI benefits are funded through your historical employment earnings. If you have been working, the government has been taking taxes out of your paycheck to help fund the SSDI program. Then, if you become disabled, you are able to collect money from this program. It’s similar to how a person collects money from an insurance policy after a car accident.

There are two requirements:

  • You must be disabled, and
  • You must have worked long enough and recently enough.

The SSI program is designed to help those who have limited income and financial resources. SSI is based on your financial need, not your work history. This means you may qualify for this benefit program if:

  • You are disabled, and
  • Your assets (your personal property) are below $2,000 (or $3,000 if you are married), and
  • You have little to no income.

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When do I need an attorney to help me get social security disability benefits?

If your application to the Social Security Administration is denied, attorneys at KLG are able to enter representation on your behalf on a contingency basis, review your case and medical records, and appear with you at your hearing.

How do I apply for social security disability?

You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits by visiting or your local Social Security Administration Office.

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