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Buyers and sellers looking for help to complete real estate transactions in Southeast Iowa have come to KLG for a full range of services. We work to ensure our client’s cases are handled in the most efficient manner possible.


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A title opinion is an attorney’s professional opinion regarding the title for a parcel of real estate. The attorney will examine the abstract for the property, which contains the history of that parcel from the beginning of statehood to a specific date, to ensure there is clear title. It will identify whether the Seller actually owns the property; whether the property is encumbered with any mortgages, liens, judgments, outstanding taxes, leases, or easements that will need to be addressed at closing; and it will identify any actions that need to be taken before closing.

As the Seller’s attorney, we will prepare the necessary documents to transfer your real estate to the Buyer at Closing. This includes a deed, Groundwater Hazard Statement; and Declaration of Value. Also, if there are any objections identified by the Buyer’s attorney in the title opinion, we will work with you to overcome those objections.

proudly serving southeast iowa
proudly serving southeast iowa