Workers Comp

Workplace injury can happen at any time, to anyone. If you have a workplace injury, you need experienced and skilled counsel to help you navigate Iowa’s workers compensation system and dealing with the workers compensation insurer. The Iowa Workers Compensation system is guided by Statute, and consultation with a trained attorney is vital to make sure you know what you are entitled to receive.

Some job injuries are simple and only require short-term medical treatment and few missed days from work. Others are more serious and can lead to permanent disabilities. No matter the severity of your workplace injury, your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance carrier is responsible for all your medical care related to your workplace injury. Your employer is also required to pay benefits to you while you cannot work and provide lost earning potential resulting from temporary or permanent injury.

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Generally, you have 90 days to report your injury to your employer.

Iowa Workers Compensation is Medical expenses, disability benefits for lost income, and other expenses such as mileage to and from medical appointments or vocational training. 

You should not return to work until you feel physically ready to do so or without a medical professional directing your care and return.

You are always entitled to seek emergency care if necessary, however, your employer has the right to choose your medical provider. Your employer must provide you with care suited to your injury. If you do not find the medical care provided suitable or reasonable, there are legal procedures in place to seek alternate medical care and a second opinion.

proudly serving southeast iowa
proudly serving southeast iowa